May 2021

God created marriage. It is His desire that we walk out our purpose in marriage. For us as Christians our marriage is not a union established so we can have legal sex, a big diamond ring or a photobook full of memories. It’s not even to make us happy. No, not necessarily. Let’s look at some of the things marriage is and is not. First let’s look at what a Christ centered marriage is.


  1. A covenant between you, your spouse and God
  2. Between a man and a woman
  3. Meant to last until death (God’s original design)
  4. To be Christ centered
  5. Intended to fulfill God’s purpose and give Him glory

We can now look at what a Christ centered marriage is not. 

  1. An alternative to being alone (lonely)
  2. A contractual agreement for personal earthly gain
  3. To be unequally yoked
  4. To follow a world-view to resolve conflict
  5. To be devoid of church fellowship and prayer